A brief History and Discography of the Reform Art Unit and its offsprings

as provided by Fritz Novotny


Early experiments in improvisation by Toni Michlmayr with music students and soloists created the beginning of a Viennese School of Free Improvisation. Also in Vienna, visual and performing artists Harun Barabbas and Padhi Friehberger experimented together in their own way, as did the musician and fine artist Fritz Novotny with political writer Rolf Schwendter.


The Richard Ahmed Pechoc Trio with Karl Anton Fleck, Walter Malli and Richard Ahmed Pechoc did the new thing in Graz and Vienna.


It all led to the founding of the Masters of Unorthodox Jazz (MOUJ) with the Grazer musicians Alaeddin Adlernest and Walter Malli joining together in Vienna with Harun Barabbas, Toni Michlmayr and Richard Ahmed Pechoc.


The founding of the Reform Art Unit (RAU) by Fritz Novotny (ss) with Sepp Mitterbauer (p,tp) and different drummers: Günther Gafton, Fritz Kotrba, Marijan Pakar


Various concerts and sessions in and around Vienna


MAY "Trio-Sextet" RAU, MC: GR 68401/RAU 1000 (unreleased)

MAY-JUN Double concerts and joint sessions with MOUJ and RAU feat. Kent Carter, Don Cherry, Ambrose Jackson, Sunny Murray

SEP Radio: Reform Art Trio "Song for Kent"

Archive: 2 tapes


APR "On the other side" RAU at the Museum of 20th Century, Vienna MC: GR 69401/ RAU 1001
"For John Coltrane and Pablo Picasso" RAU, CD: VOVES 90001 / RAU 1002 (released 1996)

"Overground" MOUJ, LP: HGB 1001 (out of print)

Archive: several tapes (feat. Peter Wolf, etc.)


JAN "New Jazz from Vienna" RAU, LP: ESP 2002 (unreleased)

MAY "Conversation" RAU, MC: GR 70401 / RAU 1002

JUN "Darjeeling" RAU with Ram Chandra, LP: WM 20011 (out of print)
"Yen Goku" RAU with Ram Chandra, MC: GR 70402 / RAU 1003

TV: Movie "Arena 70"


MAY "Vienna Jazz Avantgarde" RAU and MOUJ, LP(2): WM 20019 (out of print)

JUL Radio: RAU meets Ram Chandra and Barre Phillips at "Musikforum Ossiach"


JAN TV: "RAU with Carla Bley" feat. Ram Chandra and Mike Mantler

JUN Radio: "Live in Ljubljana" RAU
"Live in Ljubljana" RAU meets Ram Chandra, MC: GR 72401/ RAU 1004

Session with Jack Monterose (ts,ss) in Ljubljana

Archive: Film Ljubljana / Klagenfurt


JUN Radio: "Live in Altena" RAU meets Ram Chandra and Franz Koglmann

Archive: Film "Altena"


OCT Radio: "Steirischer Herbst" RAU meets Ram Chandra and Peter Kowald

Archive: 11 tapes


DEC "Railway East" RAU, LP+MC: GR 75401 / RAU 1005

Archive: 12 tapes


MAR Radio: "The Improvising Orchestra" with Xavier Breteau, Paul Fields, Franz Koglmann, Peter Kowald, Paul Lovens, Walter Malli, Jouk Minor, Sepp Mitterbauer, Fritz Novotny, Evan Parker, Günther Rabl, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Josef Traindl

MAY TV: "Bewegungen" RAU with Elly Naschold

AUG Concert with Justus Neumann

Archive: 13 tapes


SEP "Impulse Maria Schutz" Three Motions (TM), LP: KKM RAU 1006

"RAU with Alaeddin Adlernest", LP: KKM RAU 1007


"Athanor" MOUJ and Josef Traindl, LP: HGB 1002 (unreleased)

JAN "Project of Art" Mitterbauer Quartet, MC: GR 78401

SEP "Suite for Clifford" TM meets Clifford Thornton in Nickelsdorf, MC: GR 78402 /RAU 1008

OCT "Impressions" TM meets Anthony Braxton and Clifford Thornton in Krems, LP: KKM RAU 1010

Radio: "The Improvising Orchestra" with Paul Fields, Heinz Jäger, Franz Koglmann, Walter Malli, Sepp Mitterbauer, Fritz Novotny, Giselher Smekal, Clifford Thornton, Josef Traindl

Archive: 9 tapes


AUG "Popular Dreams" TM meets Beate Bekay, MC: GR 79401 / RAU 1009-1

OCT "October in Lower Austria" RAU, MC: GR 79402 / RAU 1009-2
"Playing Games" TM at Wiener Konzerthaus, Vol.1+2, MC: GR 79403 / RAU 1009-3; GR 79404 / RAU 1009-4

"Gorilla" George Brown meets Walter Malli, LP: Message Records 002 (out of print)

Archive: 3 tapes


OCT "Live at Opus One" The Sunny Murray - Fritz Novotny Four, LP: GR 80401 (unreleased)

Archive: 6 tapes


MAR Radio: "Jazz Festival Wien - Eternal Unit" at Sophien-Saal with Ram Chandra and Linda Sharrock

JUN Radio: "Three Motions with Linda harrock and the Chamber Music Ensemble" at the Museum of 20th Century, Vienna

NOV Tour: Andrew Cyrille - Fritz Novotny Duo

Archive: 5 tapes


MAR "Pannonian Flower" TM, LP: KKM RAU 1011

NOV Tour: Burton Green - Fritz Novotny Unit

Archive: 6 tapes


SEP "To James Joyce" Paul Fields - Fritz Novotny Duo, LP: JFR 84501 / RAU 1012 MC: GR 83402 / RAU 1012


MAR Radio:"Wide Fields"
"Live at the University" Wide Fields, MC: GR 84402; CD: GR 94004

Film music "Up and down" by Fritz Novotny for a Jörg Eggers Movie

APR Tour: Andrew Cyrille - Fritz Novotny Duo
"To Frederico Fellini. Music for popular thinkers" Wide Fields, CD: GR 94004 (released 1994)

MAY Radio "The Improvising Orchestra" live at Szene Wien, 24 Soloists incl. Richard Isaiah, Walter Malli, Sepp Mitterbauer, Fritz Novotny, Niko Polymenakos, Mario Rechtern and Linda Sharrock
"Mistery Journey" The Improvising Orchestra, MC: GR 84403

AUG "1984" Wide Fields meet Linda Sharrock MC: GR 88406; CD: GR 94004

Archive: 13 tapes


JAN "Jazz for Thinkers" Tasten meets Niko Polymenakos and Linda Sharrock, LP: KKM RAU 1013
Radio: "Live at the Ensemble Theater" RAU
"Live at the Ensemble Theater" RAU, MC: GR 85405 / RAU 1014

MAR "For Africa" TM with Louis Moholo, MC: GR 85406 / RAU 1015
Tour: Louis Moholo - Fritz Novotny Unit

APR TV: 2 video clips with Paul Fields and Fritz Novotny

JUL "Live at the Jazz Summit" Wide Fields, MC: GR 85407; CD: GR 94004

AUG "Ensemble" Fields - Karner - Klaffenböck, LP: GR 85504; MC: GR 89404

Archive: 9 tapes


JAN Workshops with Poet Hermann Schürrer

Archive: 14 tapes


FEB "Babel" Acting Seven and Clan Music Overdrive, LP: KKM RAU 1016-1; CD: KKM RAU 1016-2

JUN "Somateme" Giselher Smekal and Mia Zabelka, LP: RZ 10002

JUL "Human Dates" Part of Clan, LP: GR 87101 (out of print); MC: GR 87408

Archive: 12 tapes


JUL "Music Overdrive" The Clan, LP: GR 89106; MC: GR 88404

Archive: 14 tapes, 1 video


JUN "Live at the Gymnasium" RAU, MC: GR 89401/RAU 1017

SEP "Department of Cats" Acting Ensemble with writer Rolf Schwendter, MC: GR 89402

DEC "Eastern Journey" World Music Orchestra introducing Leena Conquest, MC: GR 89403

Archive: 13 tapes


JAN "Something about..." World Music Quartet feat. Bleda Elibal, MC: GR 90403

JUN "Motions of Europe" TM meets guests, MC: GR 90405/RAU 1018

JUL "World Music Orchestra" at Vienna City Hall with Brian Abrahams, Leena Conquest, Bleda Elibal, Paul Fields, Dill Katz, Rabih Abou Khalil, Fritz Novotny, Jim Pepper, Mohammad Tahmessebi and Levent Tarhan MC: GR 90408

"Vrhunec" Malli - Dafeldecker Duo, CD: EX 128 CD

Archive: 2 tapes, 1 video


JAN "Future here and now" RAU, CD: ITM 1460/GR 91001/RAU 1019

MAY Radio: "Live in St.Gerold" RAU

Archive: 11 DAT, 1 video


JUL "Illumination" RAU live at Jazzfest Vienna, CD: IRJ 009 401S (released 1995)

AUG "Possible fruit" Mia Zabelka´s Duets with Leena Conquest, David Moss, Fritz Novotny, John Zorn etc. CD: EX 172 CD

Tour: Sunny Murray - Fritz Novotny Unit

Archive: 5 DAT, 2 videos


FEB "55 steps..." RAU, CD: GR 93001/RAU 1020

SEP TV: "Circa 55 Schritte durch Europa" with Leena Conquest, Paul Fields, Gerhard Fritsch, Georg Graf, Karl Wilhelm Krbavac, Attila Lörinszky, Sandro Miori, Sepp Mitterbauer, Sunny Murray, Sainkho Namtchylak, Fritz Novotny, Mario Rechtern, Christian Salfellner, Walter Schiefer, Giselher Smekal, Mia Zabelka, Othmar Zechyr and Reinhard Ziegerhofer
Movie: Produced by the Wiener Verkehrsbetriebe
"The Reform Art Unit Subway Performance feat. Sunny Murray" RAU, CD: GR 93003/RAU 1021; MC: GR 93404/RAU 1021

Archive: 11 DAT with RAU and strings


MAR "Unit with Monika Stadler(harp)" MC: GR 94403/RAU 1023

Movie: "Artist in Residence" Walter Malli

MAY "Fritz Novotny & Sunny Murray" Acting Ensemble, MC: GR 94405

MAY "Weigelsdorf" CD: GR 94006


JAN "Human closely" RAU Extended at Alte Schmiede, Vienna CD: VOVES CD 90001/RAU 1002

MAY "Fritz Novotny & Sunny Murray" Acting Ensemble, MC: GR 94405

Archive: 16 DAT, 14 videos


JUL Release "The Reform Art Unit - For John Coltrane and Pablo Picasso" RAU, CD: VOVES 90001 / RAU 1002


JUN "Millenium" Live at the Kreuzstadel/Neumarkt/Raab, CD: GR 2000 06 1/2

DEC "Homage to Arnold Schönberg and Anton von Webern" Reform Art Quartet, CD: GR 98011/RAU 1030


JUN Reform Art Quartet / RAU live in Praha

DEC Release "Suite Prague" Reform Art Quartet, CD: GR 98012


JAN "Homage to Josef Mathias Hauer" Reform Art Quartet

JUN Release "Homage to Josef Mathias Hauer" Reform Art Quartet, CD: GR 99001

SEP "Kunsthalle Krems Minoritenkirche" Reform Art Unit, CD: GR 99002

OCT "Alban Berg-Salvador Dali-Thelonius Monk" CD: GR 99003


JAN "Charisma-Xperiment" CD: GR 2000 01

DEC "Light and Shadow Suite" CD: GR 2000 07

DEC "Hommage to Bela Bartok and John Cage" CD: GR 2001 0 06


DEC "Fontana for John Cage" CD: GR 2001 0 06


JAN "Xperimental live at the Porgy and Bess" CD: GR 2002 0 03

JAN "Heute live at the Porgy and Bess" CD: GR 2002 0 04

JAN "Reform Art Unit live at the Porgy and Bess" CD: GR 2002 0 05

JAN "Reform Art Unit live at the Hamerlingsaal Zwettl" CD: GR 2002 0 06

APR "Live at the LDM St.Petersburg" CD: GR 2002 0 30

APR "Live at the Dom Moskau" CD: GR 2002 0 31

NOV "Live at the Millenaris Park/Fogado Budapest" CD: unreleased Trio East

DEC "RAU West live at the Alte Schmiede" CD: unreleased


FEB "Live at the Magyar Nemzeti Museumban Budapest" CD: unreleased

APR "Live at the Alte Schmiede" CD: unreleased

APR "Live at the Mücsarnok Budapest" CD: unreleased Trio East

JUN "Live at the CIK Klagenfurt" CD: unreleased Quartet East

JUN "Live at the Evangelische Kirche - Halleiner Stadtfest" CD: unreleased Quartet East

SEP "RAU live at the Porgy & Bess" CD: unreleased


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